Some days are less awesome than others. Those days when you step on a dog turd, forget your lunch, slip on a patch of ice, poop your pants on the bus (Not me, but somebody this morning was having one of these days. Peeee-yeww!), get defriended, swallow an ant, accidentally throw away important tax documents, walk under a falling piano, miss a bunch of deadlines, cry in an office supplies closet and then cheer yourself up with a DQ Blizzard but quickly realize that it tastes like redi-whip fumes and cereal milk. If you too are this sad sapling, then let's hold hands and watch the following YouTubes together:

Frisky porcupine.

This little squee doesn't speak English, so he just makes noises that sound like the words. Kind of adorable. 

Amy is my hero. After the wiener rake, click through to YouTube and continue to watch her make more "crafts for poor people." I watched them all and laughed and laughed. Then I followed her tutorial on how to make a roach clip out of a crab claw. 

There. All better now.


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