New Year's Eve - Goin' Mild.

NYE - girls
Top, from left: Candace, Me, Christina. Me. Christina.
NYE - boys
From top: Kurt making a mess out of his s'mores cupcake. Kurt and Blake, mildin' out.
I felt like such a fancy pants drinking stove-top espresso! 
Also, our new lens made my head look all weird and giant.

I'm a very finicky drinker. My favorite booze to drink straight: Champagne!

Keep your dance parties, bars, cocktail dresses, and confetti. I prefer a quiet New Years Eve with good friends, listening to records, bottomless Chex Mix and Scattergories. Does this make me a wiener or a winner? No wait, don't tell me. I had a blast, so what does it matter? After the annual non-stop whirlwind of the holidays, I like to keep my New Years fantastically low key.


While I'm not too keen on the concept of New Year's Resolutions, January does inspire me to reflect on the past year and recognize what I've accomplished. Reflection ignites new inspiration and goals for myself. I don't like the negative spin resolutions bring - a list of prohibited actions, implying that my previous ways were wrong or not enough. For me, a New Year's resolution is destined for failure. Just their forced nature ... being nailed to a timeline - That alone is enough to cause me to instantly do the opposite of my intentions. (It's almost comical how fast I can acquire coffee, only moments after swearing off caffeine!)

Unlike resolutions, my goals and I have an understanding: I am always growing and changing, and I can only hope that my goals will do the same. Even if they stop dead in their tracks or linger on for several Januaries, it's okay as long as I can overcome, re-route and move forward.  It feels great to have goals, and even better to accomplish them, but if they ever become all-consuming, cause me to fret over my perceived short-comings, or keep me from enjoying life in the present, then I'm due for a reality check. Life is awesome. My life is awesome. I never want to lose sight of that. I want to stay mindful, grateful and inspired by the present, instead of saving it all up for a future that might not come. Life is too short, and I aim to live every day fully, freely and without limitations. With this attitude, every day can be January first. Each new day I have a chance to create and achieve resolutions. But in the spirit of the season, here is a running start.

A few goals I'm currently focused on:
  • Practice being more mindful to relieve stress and manage anxiety.
  • Continue to build my freelance business and embark on new career opportunities.
  • Make time for more personal/creative projects.
  • Do 10 pull-ups.
  • Take a yoga class. 
  • Focus on building stronger friendships and be brave enough make new ones.
  • Sew a quilt. 
  • Knit something I'd be proud to wear. 
  • Improve Whirly Bird (details later).

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  1. i'm all about the quiet NYE. in fact, i have to admit, i kind of dread it, i think because there's this huge expectation to have the best. night. ever.

    but a new year begins and i agree about resolutions, you can't help but set yourself up for failure, goals are much more positive :)

    thanks again for the email btw. i was pretty excited to see it in my inbox, it's always nice to get unexpected mail!


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