Wanted: Mogwai

mogwai lust

It's difficult to make out in the reflection of the glass, but the object of my desire is a Mogwai. 

Ivanna, my miniature yet far more adorable twin (Hi, you!), commented that she'd love to see more posts where I showcase all the cutesy finds I acquire. Well, to be honest, I don't have a lot of stuff and my current wish list is random and slightly embarrassing: Mogwai (of Gremlins fame, although the band is alright too), electric teapot, this self help book (Hellooooo. I'm creee-zy.), a gold vintage greyhound brooch and an African thumb piano.  Not exactly the carefully thought out, cohesive and color coordinated arrangement of trendy finds that are typically showcased around Blog Land. Imagine my sought after items laid out neatly on Polyvore. That would be so funny and weird, but also very telling. It would tell you: I'm a curious mixture of one part elderly woman and one part prepubescent nerd.

And you know what else? I'm frugal and painfully indecisive. I mull over most purchases until that burning pang of want subsides, which is approximately 24 hours. If I still want something, I wait too long and it's already sold out or out of season, so then I say, "The heck with owning things!" and spend my money on hamburgers instead. ::Cue sad sounding tuba:: 

I've wanted a Mogwai for 26 years.

Blog Land norms and monetary anxieties aside, I have managed to collect a few beloved trinkets over the years, and I'd be glad to share my occasional find. I'm just sayin', hope for the best and prepare for the nerdiest.

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  1. my obsession with japanese creations like hello kitty has only recently subsided. i just love cute stuff and the japanese are just the best at it.
    did you know there's a hello kitty themed maternity hospital in taiwan?? craziness.

    i LOVED mogwai when i was a little kid but i could never watch Gremlins, it scared the pants off me.

  2. SJ, I used to be so obsessed with Sanrio/ HK stuff too. Japan seems like the capital of tiny cuteness. It's pretty obvious that I should go there! I'm not surprised about the maternity hospital at all.

    Gremlins is terrifying! I watch it every Christmas. One of our favorite Christmas movies, hehe.

    Also, I am embarrassed how many errors were in this post. I just edited it, but to anyone who saw the original, I'm sorry about that.

  3. I would have to say you have a great pick on favorite photos. Especially the first one! The water is a great add.
    Thanks for sharing the post!

    visit my blog and follow! I'll do the same in return.
    xoxo, A

  4. Thanks, Amanda. It's nice to meet you!


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