I signed up to run a half marathon! Who's with me?

Hey you guys. I did something kinda crazy. I signed up to run in the Kentucky Derby Festival's mini marathon. 13.1 miles, whoa. There's nothing mini about that. If you ask me, a miniature marathon would be like me running to the bus stop or something. Me running across the street at rush hour without the security of a cross walk. Me running to the bathroom after along car ride.

While it's a little scary committing to 16 weeks of training, I'm totally stoked for the pay-off. Not only will I be in tip-top shape for springtime romps through the woods with the Mr., but I'm running to raise money for Love146, a great organization that works toward the abolition of human trafficking/child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and after care solutions.

Here's a quick overview of Love146's efforts to combat child slavery.

I'd been tinkering with the idea of running a race for a while, but when I read about Jen's Big Idea, I was motivated to join the Love146 running team. If anyone is interested in joining us (near or far), please get in touch. There are great races of all distances happening everywhere, not to mention several other ways to raise funds and awareness.

This will be my first race. In fact, this will also be my first time running further than 6 miles. I already work out 4-5 days a week and I enjoy sprints and short runs, so I'm hoping that I'm prepared for the challenge.

hiking buddies
Me and my running partner.

I'll be tracking my training and posting mini-blogs on Daily Mile. I just completed my first week of training, and if you're curious, you can head over to my Daily Mile page to see what I've been up to. Every once in a while, I'll post here to share pictures, favorite fitness-related things, running playlists, training chatter, as well as some supplementary cross-fit workouts.

A few resources:
Love 146
Jen Loves Kev - Swell fashion/personal blog. Jen will also be posting regularly about training and the team's progress. You can read all about Jen's marathon experience in this post.
16 Week Half Marathon Training Guide - This is the training schedule I chose to follow.
Daily Mile - Awesome social network for tracking your fitness goals and staying motivated. Sign up for an account and let's be friends!
Runners World Race Finder 
Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Mini Marathon
And .... my email, in case you'd like to join us and want to know more: johannainman@gmail.com

More information (as well as a link to the fundraising page) to come!


  1. Great post!
    So excited to be working together on this with you!

  2. good luck with the training, i'm always impressed with anyone who can not only do a marathon but do the training in the lead up to it. i'm not so great with long distance running but maybe i should give it another go.

    and how on earth is your dog suspended in the air like that? is he jumping? it looks like he's casually resting in mid air :)

  3. dude, nice work! i've never been motivated to run for any reason myself, but i applaud your efforts!! why can't i raise money for a good cause by doing my insanity workout every day? surely that has to be worth something?

    go, johanna!!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm excited about it.

    SJ - I never looked at it that way, but yes, he does look like he's floating, and with a very stoic look on his face at that! He's actually standing on a log, though. Haha

  5. I signed up too! I'm going to be doing only a 5k though because I am horrifically out of shape and have never run a race before. But I am super excited to be part of this!

  6. Ana, that is awesome? When is your race?


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