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Hola, buddies. Are any of you on Pinterest? It's my new favorite thing. I could spend a whole morning drinking cups of coffee, getting lost in inspiration boards and compiling my own collections. Pinterest is a clever way to collect and curate all of the neat things sought and found on the Internet. It's like a more hands-on way to daydream. My inspiration boards are organized by craft and knitting projects, places I'd like to visit, hairdos I'd like to try, fashion, treasures/trinkets, decorating ideas, coveted cooking gear for my imaginary vintage scientific and nature themes.


Knitting and craft projects have been getting me through these cold, grey months. I've almost finished the knit coffee mug cozy pictured in the top, left corner. I even found the perfect buttons for it - I never thought I'd be so thrilled about buttons.

I need to keep these fidgety hands busy until Spring, or else I'll fall victim to bitten fingernails, too much television and winter weariness. What project should I start next? (Click on the images to see the projects on my to-do list.) I know how crafty and creative many of you are, and I'd love to see what projects you've finished, have in the works, or are hoping to try. Details, please!


Pinterest is still in Beta mode, so there's a bit of a waiting list for new accounts. If you can't bear to wait, you're in luck because I've got a handful of invites to spare. I'll send invites to the first five folks who comment with their email addresses.

If you are on Pinterest, do you want to be friends?


  1. lauramarieread@gmail.com

    This is so cool! Love your project ideas!

  2. Invite meeeeee. Love.s.Cathy at gmail

  3. i have a pintrest and i love it! i'm about to friend you!

  4. Yes, please!


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  6. oops forgot my email!

    liz.biro.07 at gmaildotcom

  7. i don't have an account as i'm not sure i would give it enough love. i have facebook and blogger and that's about all i can handle at the moment! how people manage all the other networking sites i don't know!


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