What Christmas looked like.

Our Christmas was such a breeze. I'm so sad to see it go! Kurt and I were finally in sync with the holiday spirit. It was kinda wild. With our enthusiasm combined, we morphed into some sort of unstoppable tornado of holiday hysteria, but in a good way. We're serious pros.

A few things in particular:
Coziness, snow days, feel-good Christmas reading, helping others, favorite holiday movies, a yule goat, a Tomten, a good haircut, our new nut cracker (named Kevin McCallister), a new dress, family time, pita beds, meaningful gifts, clementines, countless nights with friends, rib roast, fake fireplace + KY bourbon, constant baking, knitting, dog snugs, long weekends.


How was your holiday, friends? Got any exciting New Year's Eve plans?


  1. love the last picture of Harold. He looks like he has a full head of long blonde hair....cool!

  2. I never saw it that way, but he totally does! haha


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