Tiny Tuesday: Tiny landscape or coffee stain?

tiny tuesday: yukihiro kaneuchi's landscape in a coffee cup
Yukihiro Kaneuchi's tiny landscape in a coffee cup, via Design Milk. View larger.

Japanese artist, Yukihiro Kaneuchi, has created a tiny landscape inside a coffee cup. At a glance, it just appears to be a ring of coffee stain around the interior of the ceramic mug, but if you peer closer, you'll spot two girls dancing, a crescent moon, flowers, a bird, a pig!
When a product is created, it is as though new born, with no memory or understanding of the world around it. These relationships are formed through user interaction over time, the product "ages" and gains knowledge of it's purpose in the world.The stain's image is a representation of the products feelings, memory as the product ages through use. - Kaneuchi

Want one? I do too! You can buy it here


  1. wow. so amazingly cool!

    freakin' love it! now i want one too!


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