Santa came early.

Baby Herbald in his cozy cave.
Remember the Cozy Cave from my cozy checklist? The ultimate burrow bed for small denning creatures has arrived,  and Harold has been snug as a bug ever since! We like to call it a pita pocket, and when he creeps inside, Kurt will impersonate Harold's supposed voice (small, raspy and very direct) and say, "One falafel, please." Mule tried to get inside too, but he's too fat. He's our little whisky barrel.

All is well on the cozy front. In fact, the Mr. has surprised me with two essentials from the checklist as early Christmas presents! The robe and the slippers. WHAT? I've hit the cozy jackpot! We've spent the last few nights bundled up on the couch, watching this particularly realistic HD fireplace and listening to Kurt's pandora station, "My Funny Valentine." Add a twinkly tree, stove-popped popcorn and a bottle of bourbon, and you've got yourself a nice little holiday.


  1. oh i'd like to be in a pita pocket! i think i was meant to live in the northern hemisphere, i am so wishing that christmas was cold this year!


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