I'm seeing double.

Yesterday, Kurt was tinkering with this fun panorama app for his iPhone and took this photo while I was cooking beef bourguignon stew. (Recipe from December Martha. Super delicious.) Harold is so speedy, he managed to be in the photo twice! I love that in both cases, he is frantically scavenging for snacks. First he checks in the garbage can while I obliviously chop carrots, then he sneaks over to inspect the kitchen table. Busted.


  1. can i borrow your dog? he's just awesome. i would take good care of him i promise and australia is a lot of fun.

  2. i love it.

    also, why am i too cheap to pay for iphone apps?? i don't know, because this is priceless.

  3. Don't get me started on the apps. Appamaniac.

  4. LOL! I LOVE it! :D Harold rocks! Totally priceless...

    On a side note, we just made beef bourguignon a little while ago too. :P It was good!

  5. hahahaha! that is the cutest thing ever. i love that dog!


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