Jason, Matt, Kurt and I in the Magnolia Photo Booth last Friday.
We had a swell time at Friday's gallery hop. It was just a quick hop, with brief stops for M&M cookies, Lolleyland, Magbooth, Clay Buffet and beers from Louisville Beer Store. I drank my Echt Kriekenbier around LBS's backyard fire pit with friends and several strangers, (most notably a gregarious, toothless neighbor and his cat, Babygirl.) The point of this post, however, is not to tell you about all the neat things we do or even share cute photos of ourselves, although I do look pretty incredible in that bottom left one. The point of this post is to share the fantastic photo bomb Kurt dropped on this poor, unassuming Magbooth patron:


P.S. Do you have a Magbooth in your city? You can find one in Louisville, Austin, NYC, LA, Chicago and San Francisco. Genius.


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  2. nearly spat my coffee out all over the monitor. just awesome.


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