Tiny Tuesday! A rat holding a teddy bear.


Whenever I'm feeling down in the dumps, I consult my list of tried and true tactics that never fail to cheer me up. Over the years, my favorite way to coax out a smile is to flip through Jessica Florence's Flickr photostream, specifically her set featuring her charming pet rat, Bug.

Little Bug is now deceased (RIP), but I know that these photos of him clutching his teddy will continue to get me through the blues, if and whenever they happen to attack. I'm grateful to know about him and his life's adventures, though only through my computer screen.

You can purchase Jessica's photo book, Bug, The privileged life of one very, very fancy rat.
She takes wonderful photos of all the animals in her life - I suggest you visit her flickr if you like cute things.

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  1. This post made my heart flutter. These photos make all my stress melt away. :)


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