Tiny Tuesday! Look what I made!


I love needle felted crafts. They're easy and quick to master, especially smaller scale projects like these mini Christmas ornament versions of our dogs, Harold and Mule. Each one took me a couple of hours to make and are about 1 1/2"x 2" tall. All you need is a standard barbed felting needle, wool roving and a couple of pipe cleaners (their bones). I can't wait to see them on our Christmas tree! I love miniatures of all kinds, but when paired with my favorite holiday, I'm borderline obsessed. That's also why I love miniature Christmas villages so much. 

This three day work week has been a busy one, so that's all I have to share for now. Tomorrow I plan on posting more photos and instructions so you can make whatever tiny, fuzzy thing your heart desires. Don't forget to check back!


  1. OH MY GOSH. these are sooooo cute! i love miniatures too. that's why i think your tiny tuesdays are so fantastic.

    check this out -


    it's not actually a "little london." she used the miniature function on her camera! isn't it the coolest?? i'm getting the same camera she has before we go on our honeymoon next september. it looks like the best point & shoot everrrrr.

  2. absolutely fantabulous! Can you do a border collie? I'll pay ya!

  3. Lisa, I'm glad you like them. I'd love to make a felted mini of your border collie. Email me a picture of the dog and any details you'd want and I'll get back with you. Johannainman@gmail.com

  4. Hi there.....just fighting with my computer to send you the pics! I will get there in the end! And just to let you know, I love your blog. It's just such a happy place to visit, so thanks for that.


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