Tiny Tuesday: A double dose of baby animals!

On this very tiny Tuesday, I'm all cracked out on cutenesss. Does that happen to you? When your heart starts thumping lightning fast, your eyes bug out of your head and you just gotta squeeze something with fur? No? OK. Because I was just kidding.

Photos from the cutest book ever made: Zooborns via Wired.

There are two topics on the agenda today. First off, the Zooborns website has just published two books filled with glorious, addictive cute crack. There is an all-ages edition for sorry suckers like me: long established Zooborns fiends who turn the pages with quaky hands and expel high-pitched breathy gasps of OMG. They couldn't stop there, however. The sinister minds behind Zooborns cleverly decided to target children, to get them hooked early, I suspect. So there is also Zooborns book for little ones, too. What's cuter than a book about baby animals? A baby book about baby animals.

Second order of business:
Cat adopts puppy.


  1. lachlan often says 'omg, your head is going to explode from the cuteness isn't it?' because i just squeel when i see pictures of cute things. i can't help myself!

  2. omgee a pile of baby otters!!! Oh my!!

  3. Our heads are exploding together, SJ!

    Dayna, my favorite thing about the otters photos is the top baby's little arm. Oh, God. It kills me.


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