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Kurt Noir

Dear Louisville, if you're listening. Here are a couple of neat things to do and see. Happening now.

1. 21c Museum is currently featuring the Woman on the Run exhibit by Tracy Snelling. She's built an entire fantasy world, reminiscent of the seedy scenes of Film Noir films (or better yet, a Niagra painting!). The exhibit sends you on a scavenger hunt. Each detail is a clue that pieces together the fragmented story of a woman on the run. Her story is comprised of flickering Neon signs, shrunken buildings, overheard conversations, videos and projections inside windows and on the walls - even a life-size, walk-through No-Tell Motel.
"Driving down the street at night, I look at the lit windows of the houses that I pass, and I wonder who lives there. What is going on right at this moment behind that curtain or darn shade? An old motel along the side of the highway sits broken and abandoned. I want to know the stories of the people who stayed there, the history of the people who owned it, and why it is no longer inhabited. Better than sifting through true stories for an interesting one, I prefer to male up the profiles of the inhabitants by leaving subtle clues that can be interpreted in many ways." - Tracy Snelling, artist's statement.
Woman on the Run is on display until January. Free. You can also see it on YouTube

2. The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft's current exhibit, Planes, Trains and Superheroes, showcases a really awesome collection of vintage toys. Like creepy animal dolls with real animal teeth, bizarro clown Santas, a seven-foot-long 1920's foot-pedaled firetruck and an extensive collection of African American superhero action figures. We were especially intrigued by the vintage space capsules and cherubic smiling astronaut figures. In another gallery and in the gift shop, you'll find a series of alters, sculptures and crafts in honor of Dias de los Muertos. I'm a sucker for Day of the Dead folk art, especially the sugar skulls and miniature skeleton figurines.

Planes, Trains and Superheroes is on display until December 31st. The Day of the Dead alters are on display until tomorrow. $6 or free for children and students.

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