Photos from the Weekend, Part 1.

My Halloween costume was Tippi Hedren's character in The Birds. In the second photo, I was pretending to
look like I was being attacked by birds, but instead it looks like I'm miming a rainbow. I don't do straight faces well.

Kurt and Harold's = Sputnik 2 and Laika

The Halloween party was a smash hit. Here's a little slide show of the goings-on. Great Costumes!

Couple of projects: I designed the labels for these soaps Heather made. I thought they were pretty cute!
The soap scents were activated charcoal (Gun Powder) and eucalyptus lemon (Formaldehyde). I've used
them both and they are heavenly. Also, another photo of my earl grey ghosties. Awfully proud of those.

More Jacks!

I'm so exhausted from a weekend of partying, late-night movie marathons, countless cooking and baking projects and an 8 mile hike. All worth it, of course.


  1. those cookies are the best!

    and nice work on the costume. i think you definitely look like you're being attacked by birds. or miming a rainbow. or perhaps an exaggerated yawn like you've just gotten out of bed? :P

  2. I LOVE your costumes! I'm so exhausted from the weekend, too, but it was so much fun! Glad you had a great halloween weekend :)


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