Wanna see our pumpkins?

little jack
My little Jack. This guy was carved from a small pie pumpkin from our CSA. He glows all over!

Frank: "Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?"

Carl Sagan
Kurt's favorite Astronomer, Carl Sagan (based on this design).

In preparation for a huge Halloween bash this weekend, our friends got together and carved faces in approximately one billion pumpkins. Kurt and I are the masterminds behind the above three. Aren't they rad ass?! They have a lot to live up to, see (2010, 2009).

Did you know the first jack-o'-lantern was actually a turnip? A shriveled old turnip, lit with an ever-burning ember from Hell. I happen to have a few turnips currently shriveling in my vegetable crisper. ::Wheels turning:: Hrmmm.

This year we have costumes! Awesome, rock-your-face-off costumes, forged from the depths of Hell (Goodwill, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby), and handcrafted by our very own evil genius (Heather). I'm not really the costume type, so this is kind of a big deal. Most Halloweens, I melt into the couch watching horror movies and shoveling sugar into my mouth. But this year, there's this party, right. With a fire pit, haunted garage, costume contest, booze, dancing ...  dancing? I've never even been to a party that included dancing. I'm not sure what that says about my coolness level, but I thought dancing at parties only happened on TV, at places like the Max on the show Saved by the Bell.

I have a small role in the festivities. I'm in charge of snacks. I'm a snack expert.


  1. oh yaaay!!! our pumpkins are very similar. mine is smirking at me as i type.

    snack expert = snaxpert. yeaaaaah. let me know if you have any more problems you want me to solve.

    have fun!!


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