Tiny Tuesday!: Seckel Pears


I just discovered these bite-sized pears at the supermarket! When I spotted them, I was so excited, I nearly pooped a pygmy jackalope. Then, I roamed around the produce department, clutching a sack of these tiny pears, muttering "but ... Tiny Tuesday," while my husband looked on disapprovingly, afraid that his daily lunchbox Anjou was about to be replaced by this seemingly wussy, blush-colored golf ball-sized dwarf.

Rest assured, tiny lovers, his blind skepticism was completely unfounded. I managed to make it home with the coveted fruits, called Seckel Pears, and I can testify that they are incredibly delicious - firm, deeply sweet with a spicy kick. The Clementines of the pear family! I can fit one in each cheek!

Seckels are a uniquely American pear variety, named after an 18th century Pennsylvanian farmer. They're available from September through December.

What I'd like to do to them:
+ Eat out of hand, perhaps with a wedge of manchego
+ Poached, whole, with red wine, honey and mulling spices
+ Roasted, whole, along side pork (or duck?)
+ Poached and pickled whole in cider vinegar
+ Halved and roasted, on top of an arugula salad, with bacon and blue cheese
+ Caramel dipped Seckel pears, for Halloween!
+ Nestled into a hazelnut pastry nest or a sliced in cross-sections on a savory flatbread
+ Halved, spread with mascarpone and drizzled with honey
+ Put them in my pocket

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