Tiny Tuesday: Nikon's Small World

Nikon's Small World Competition showcases beautiful microphotographs of tiny wonders too small to spot with the naked eye.
A photomicrograph is a technical document that can be of great significance to science or industry. But a good photomicrograph is also an image whose structure, color, composition, and content is an object of beauty, open to several levels of comprehension and appreciation.
On this scale, the natural world is presented with such vivid color and detail, reminiscent of abstract works of art. I'd love to have one of these displayed on our wall. So what if it happens to be a microscope's view of the sagital section of a rat's cerebellum?

Kurt recently bought himself a microscope capable of taking microphotographs. (Some dudes buy stereos, car accessories or Star Wars memorabilia. My husband wants to spend his pocket money on a microscope, a megalodon's tooth, or whatever you call these.) So far, here is what we've seen through the lens:

I  can't wait to use the new microscope to look at a water bear. The mightiest tiny creature in the world! Or perhaps another home science project is in order?

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