I laid an egg.

ostrich egg

Check it out.

I layed an egg!

I laid an egg.

Where harold came from.

Just kidding. Actually, this is the egg that baby dino/dog Harold hatched from.

Just kidding. 

This is an ostrich egg. They sell them at Whole Foods these days, don't you know? Like any great house guest, our friend Christina bequeathed us with this particular egg, which was turned into omelets, then scrambled eggs, then fresh egg noodles. One ostrich egg equals TWO DOZEN chicken eggs. Seriously, don't trip. TWO DOZEN! These are the largest eggs in the world. (The yolk is the largest single cell) This fact, along with their exotic nature, is precisely why a single ostrich egg can cost you a cool Jackson. 

The verdict: Nearly impossible shell to crack. (Hammers, mallets, drills? You'll need them.) Impressively golden yolk. Rich, mellow taste. Kind of delicious. Texture like silken tofu. With my limited experience, I wouldn't suggest making omelets, since the texture doesn't lend well to flipping or folding. Scotch egg? That's insane. Brioche, possibly? Souffle? Frittata, certainly. Delicious, rich, tender egg noodles? That's the ticket! We must have been too awed/hungry to photograph the end results, so I hope you will forgive me.

So, anyway. That was an adventure.

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