The awesome things that happen to me.

squirrel just chilling

Holy cute! I just met this awesome squirrel. He scampered over and stretched out on this bench for a few minutes, like he's done this a million times before. Just made himself at home. I love how his fluffy tail just flopped over the bench. Totally chill, like a monorail cat. After his nap, he sat with me at the patio table. In his own chair, in fact, like a little man. I swear! This was so adorable, I nearly died, but that would've been rude, so I offered him my apple core. 

File under: Awesome things that have happened. Re: Frankensnowman, Timex, World's Largest Pheasant.


  1. ahhhh! so friggen adorable!

    i wish there were squirrels in australia. i just love the way they bounce all over the place.

  2. This is so cool! We have these creepy black squirrels on campus here so I've always been too afraid to get near them...

  3. SJ! I can't imagine a place without squirrels. They're all going nuts right now, hoarding away snacks for winter.

    Celeste - I rarely see black ones. When I was attending the University of Louisville, we had a colony of albino squirrels! they were incredible.


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