Oh hi! Yesterday was my birthday. Lookout, 10-10-10! (Perhaps the weekend was so amazing because the universe gifted me with lucky juju vibes?) We celebrated with a weekend road trip to Chicago. Our goals were to visit good friends, explore a couple of museums and eat delicious food. It was the best! We made a little movie about it:

 Song: Grass by Animal Collective.

What happened:

+ Good times shared with friends. Thanks so much, Corey, Maude, Beth and Katy! 

+We ate all of the food at The Purple Pig. All of it. Our party of four shared: Shredded brussels sprouts salad. Butternut squash with browned butter, toasted pumpkin seeds, fried sage and ricotta salata. Prosciutto with treviso and apples. Braised baby artichokes with fingerling potatoes, salami and asiago. Fried chorizo stuffed olives. Charred octopus with asparagus. White fish "french fries" with lemon and aioli. Cured meat sampler plate. Porchetta panini with salsa verde. Roasted bone marrow on toast. Wagyu beef sirloin tip. Deep fried brioche stuffed with ricotta and chocolate! Butterscotch pudding!! Olive oil ice cream!!! Favorite dining experience ever, I'm certain. 

+ Jim Henson's Fantastic World at the Museum of Science and Industry. Jim Henson is a hero of mine, so this exhibit was fun, inspiring, magical! In fact, when we got home last night, we were so amped up about muppets, we watched the first episode of Fraggle Rock (streaming on Netflix.) Whoa. An adult perspective changes everything. Fraggles are deep, man.

+ Code red on the nerd alert advisory scale. Amongst crowds of children, we spent most of Saturday exploring the physics, chemistry and space exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry. Then on to the Adler Planetarium, because my husband has a boner for all things space related. We giggled about black hole references, marveled at the $100 adult sized launch/entry space suit in the gift shop and ate astronaut ice cream.

+ Shhh, this is embarrassing: Kurt almost convinced me that there are dolphins in Lake Michigan. He explained that the Shed Aquarium had an extension to the dolphin exhibit that was enclosed by a barrier net in the lake. It was such an elaborate lie, that I (skeptically!) craned my neck to look into the lake as we walked along the waterfront sidewalk.

+ Gullible me. he got me again. While reminiscing about my childhood Chicago visit to the Hello Kitty department of FAO Schwarz , Kurt convinced me that there was a knock off version of Hello Kitty called Hi Cat. As in, "We were so poor growing up, my sister only had the knock off version, called Hi Cat."    ...

+ Kurt jokingly mentioned that since it was my birthday, he'd probably have to feed me some weird animal (I think octopus counts), or buy me something that a hobbit would like. Or specifically. "something with a bird on it." "Nooooo," I rolled my eyes at him and argued that I wasn't that predictable. Then, without even realizing, I came home bearing only bird related treasures. Bird earrings and a feather hair clip from here and a gauzy top with a bird print from H&M. I didn't plan this. Just happens.

+ Other deliciousness was discovered: goat cheese and prosciutto Chicago-style pizza, Dry sodas (cucumber, juniper and rhubarb flavors!), good coffee and sandwiches, and brunch from the Logan Square farmer's market taco stand. We brought home aleppo pepper, flagiolet beans and fancy cured ham, local jona gold apples, beeswax candles, organic grassfed lamb and fresh cheese curds.

Thanks, Mr.


  1. what a kick ass weekend! i want an instant replay!

  2. Um, I belly laughed in my office when Kurt's head poked out with those puppets. Seriously. I lost it. Good stuff.

  3. Wut! You got to control a mars rover!

    Sweet sandwich bird at 1:30.

  4. Corey- Did you see your cameo in the video?

    Brandy- The best part is that I was walking around looking for Kurt when I heard him yell my name from behind the puppet booth. That's where I found him playing with a crowd of little kids. Haha!

    Jason - You jealous?

  5. Neat video! The chickubator is back! Yay! Last two times I went to the museum I saw no yellow chicks. My son bought the astronaut ice cream at the museum that we visited on Friday. It tastes like somebody made puff candy out of dry milk and ovaltine. Not at all surprised to see Kurt in there with the puppet heads. Neither were the kids, oddly. I guess they know their own kind. Happy Birthday!


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