Tiny Tuesday! This time we're the tiny ones.

we're the tiny ones

I never thought I'd be the tiny one, but after a week spent exploring the coastal redwood forests in Northern California, I'm feeling kind of microscopic. It's a magical place where the Redwoods meet the coast. Once you cross into Humboldt county, a curious thing starts to happen. You begin to shrink. Two thousand year old trees tower higher than many skyscrapers. Almost every roadside tourist attraction boasts a giant yeti carved from a tree stump. We passed a two story Paul Bunyan. In Ladybird Johnson Grove, green clover with petals as large as coasters grew along the trails. We even roasted marshmallows as big as our fists! Along the coastal highway, undisturbed beaches stretched on for miles uninterrupted. Just to make it feel right, you almost have to look at the ocean standing with your arms stretched out over your head, as big as you can make yourself. Without a person, house or boardwalk in sight, it looks just as it did thousands of years ago. Wild. I think I felt most overwhelmed by the the bigness of the world - the universe! - when we camped out under the stars. At our campsite on Gold Bluffs Beach, we must have seen one hundred billion stars.

Sometimes it's really great to feel small. Here's a neat photo essay I found: 18 places to feel dwarfed by nature.


  1. I think that feeling small in this way is one of the best feelings. I should head up north more often!

  2. wait - tell me about the - is it a clover you're holding?



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