Some random facts.


There are a few new followers hanging around. Hi, hello! Pleased to meet you! I don't think I've ever properly introduced myself on this blog, so I thought I'd share a few random facts:

- My name is Johanna Lynn Ehnle. Formerly Inman, but for the last five months, I've been married to this guy. Pretty solid dude. We have two dogs, Harold and Mule. Harold is an Italian Greyhound and Mule is a pound puppy of undetermined breed(s). Sometimes we wonder if we'll be able to love a human child as much as we love our dogs. Certainly, we hope to find out eventually, but until then, we'll remain those obsessive dog-owner types who put their pets in tiny sweaters and spoil them with nibbles of gourmet cheese rind and homemade dog biscuits.

- I grew up in housing projects, a homeless shelter and a trailer park. On the bright side, there were also apartment buildings and brief stints in the suburbs. I've always lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Now I own a condo; a mistake. It's been for sale for a very long time. When it sells, we'll consider moving away. I'd miss our friends and families, the sticky summer nights, fields blinking with lightning bugs, and loud, crashing thunderstorms. But the recent discovery of this place is very tempting for so many reasons. Hmm.

- I'm the second oldest, with two sisters and two brothers. My family calls me Nan. Despite some hard knocks, we've emerged from our oddball childhood incredibly unscathed, even moderately successful, with good humor to boot! We all wave the same way

- I loathe small talk, especially with strangers. However, I love eavesdropping on small talk between strangers. The awkward breaking of the ice, generic questions riddled with insincerity and attempted pick-up lines tickle me to death. This is a stand-in for a retired guilty pleasure of mine, reality television.

- Current collections: love notes, abandoned grocery lists, miniature things and rocks that feel good in my hand. There is also a rotating seasonal collection of objects found in nature (on display right now: five acorns, one buckeye, three feathers, one twig of white driftwood,  one large amethyst crystal, and a tiny red-capped, petrified mushroom.) Kurt collects soviet-era, space-themed postage stamps that have been converted into fridge magnets.

- My first job was babysitting for a neighbor who was definitely a prostitute. Her name was Stella and she was jovial, boisterous woman who always answered her door topless. She taught me about periods and leg-shaving and frequently pillaged our refrigerator for ice cream sandwiches.

- I am the marketing director/ art director/ event coordinator and graphic designer for a local transportation company. I am 100% self-taught. I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology. Occasionally, I consider going back to school to be a school teacher.

- I am pro-choice, agnostic and a registered democrat.

- I look just like my Mom.

- For the last two years, I have been doing cross-fit/circuit training workouts (with some running thrown in) 4-5 times a week with Kurt, and I really enjoy it. I feel good - stronger and faster! And for the most part,  I like how my body looks. I'm not generally a fitness enthusiast and before I tried this, I was never able to stick with gym memberships or exercise routines because I'd get bored and fall off the wagon. Nowadays, I do very intense, fast-paced, 15-20 minute-long workouts targeting multiple muscle groups. Sometimes we just use our body weight, sometimes we use kettle bells. It's usually challenging, but over quickly. My new goal is to be able to do a round of honest-to-goodness pull-ups like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. If you're interested, or would like to see a sample workout, I'd be glad to share.

- Cooking is the one constant thing that's stayed with me over the years, and food is a very important part of my life. Kurt and I only buy fresh, whole foods, and I'm willing to spend the extra time and effort making most of our meals entirely from scratch. We eat whatever we want, in moderation, with the only rule: we never keep treats in the house. (For example, if we want ice cream bad enough, we go out to the ice cream shop rather than keeping a big tub in the freezer.) I'm proud to say that we've eliminated nearly all processed/packaged foods from our weekly grocery cart, aside from a few condiments, dairy products, and flours and sugars for my occasional baking projects. Someday, I plan to raise/grow most of what we eat from our own garden, but now we supplement our groceries with a weekly box of local produce from our CSA. There is nothing I love more than creating an awesome, healthy meal, knowing where it came from and sharing it with others.


Want to know something else? I opened a Formspring account, so please feel free to be extra nosy and ask me anything. I promise I'll answer honestly. If you're up to playing this question game, I'd post the answers here as long as the topics aren't terribly vulgar and/or embarrassing.

If you have a Formspring, let's be friends! I have a question for you!


  1. it's very rare to find a blog at the very beginning so thanks for the background!
    i love your tiny tuesday updates :)

  2. hi there! i too am pro-choice, agnostic and a registered democrat. oh, and i hate small talk too so i'm leaving it at that ;) jk. following you now!


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