Golden State

Golden State from Squirrelly Turd on Vimeo.

In case you were wondering why I've been so quiet lately, I've been off adventuring. Kurt and I flew to San Francisco and drove up the California coast. We camped along the way, visiting rocky beaches, redwood groves and small coastal towns. Northern California is a dream. We made it as far as Crescent City before it was time to turn around and fly home. Although I'm glad to be back in Kentucky with our dogs and routines, California is the only place I've left feeling so listless and eager to return. We think that it would suit us just fine to head out in that direction and stay for good.

We put together this little video of our road trip. The song is Postcards from Italy by Beirut. Next week I'll have pictures to share.

We have really awesome friends who didn't make it into our movie (Dang!). Thanks so much, wonderful hosts and hostesses: Hillie, Athena, Joe and Travis! <3 !

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  1. isn't CA grand? excellent video!! i especially love the long-legged stomping on the beach.


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