Tiny Tuesday! Hummingbirds: Magic in the air (On PBS)

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I've always loved hummingbirds, but they never slow down enough for me to get a good look and really consider what their little lives are like. The latest PBS documentary, Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air, beautifully captured these incredible birds, exposing us to a world we'd never be able to see without the aid of high speed cameras. The whole time I watched confounded, mouth gaping open, emitting little gasps or exclaiming, "Whaaaaaat!? This can't be real!" You've got to watch it. I'm convinced that this tiny species possess uncanney super powers. Highlights include: miniature gymnasium built to test their abilities and strength (what happens here totally blew my mind), G-force defying nose dives, strange mating rituals, impossible metabolism, fascinating adaptive traits (Darwinian goodness!) and survival tactics.

This month marks the height of hummingbird migration across North America. Taking the time to watch this documentary was the perfect way to celebrate their journey. You can watch the full episode online, here.

And, there's more! Fellow (Louisville area) hummingbird enthusiasts, take note!

Third Annual Hummingbird Festival
Yew Dell Gardens; Saturday, August 28, 3:00pm-6:00pm; $7 admission

Held at the height of the hummingbird migration through Crestwood, the Hummingbird Festival promises something for the entire family. Watch as experts catch, band and release hummingbirds. Kids will have the chance to get up close and personal with these speedy creatures, even being able to hold these tiny birds in their hands. Other activities include tales from a local storyteller and bird-themed crafts! Adults can learn the tricks of attracting hummingbirds to gardens and feeders, and they'll even be able to take home a new feeder and some hummingbird-attracting plants for their own gardens. We’ll also offer special tours of the gardens for the entire family, and for any shutterbugs, nationally-renowned photographer Russ Thompson will offer tips and advice on how to capture the perfect snapshot.

Wish I could be there to hold a hummingbird, but I'll be out of town! Please go and tell me all about it, so I may live vicariously through your hummingbird holding experience.


  1. oh man! i must see this.

    my grandma's favorite bird was the hummingbird. my brother had 2 little blown glass hummingbirds that used to hang from his ceiling growing up. i've always wanted to see a real live one in action!!

  2. In Costa Rica they were everywhere! All types, too. Sometimes I've seen them hovering around a feeder outside. Magic. You should get one of those little window feeders, and maybe you'll get some visitors.


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