Tiny Tuesday! Here is a pea-sized frog.

penny-frog-zoom copy
Micro frog. Photo from Discovery News.

Meep! Meep! Can you see the tiny frog perched on the edge of that penny? That is Mr. Microhyla Nepenthicola, the smallest frog in Asia, recently discovered in Borneo. These guys are only about 10-12 mm long - the size of a pea. They are named after the pitcher plant, because they drop their eggs into the pitcher and the tadpoles thrive in the water that accumulates inside the plant. Those clever tinies. Read more about them on Discovery News.

Thanks Jared and Ivanna for bringing this meeper to my attention. As always, feel free to send me Tiny Tuesday ideas and inspiration (johannainman@gmail.com).

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  1. Ahhhhh! So cute!! It looks like he's staring lovingly at Abe, too!


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