Miguel's Pizza

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From top: Miguel's Pizza, our delicious ricotta-tomato-garlic-spinach pizza, Kentucky's
own Ale 8-1 soda, myself nursing said soda, Stacey and I.

We spent the peak nights of the Perseid Meteor Shower at our favorite cabin in Red River Gorge. All six of us crept out into the pitch blackness to lie right down in the center of the gravel road and stare up at the stars. Those meteors were magical.

The daytime hours were a little too sweltering, which put a damper on our hiking plans. We did, however, make it out to Miguel's, for our favorite pizza and a cool Ale 8-1 (bottled locally - just up the road in Winchester, KY). Miguel's is an essential attraction if you're ever out hiking around these parts. There aren't many pizza places that offer such a wide variety of peculiar toppings or have a goat pasture/campground around back.

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