Fright Night at the Georgetown Drive-in

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This old school window speaker at the drive-in was still in working order.

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Kurt's favorite.

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Monsters terrorized children at the drive-in's playground. Our friends brought
Freddy to enjoy the triple feature (Nightmare on Elm Street was headlining).

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Melody, myself, Kurt. Yes, I am eating popcorn out of a garbage bag. Big whoop.

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Before the movies, they showed a vintage drive-in intermission film (top) and a few
old horror movie previews. I enjoyed those more than the movies themselves!

A little while ago, we ventured to Georgetown, Indiana's drive-in theatre to see the Fright Night triple feature. The flyer promised showings of Night of the Creeps, Fright Night and Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as special guest appearances of "famous movie stars" and deep fried red velvet Twinkies. Yes. So we packed our camera, folding chairs and water bottles, stove-popped enough popcorn to fill a garbage bag, and set off for a Saturday night that proved to be unbelievably surreal and hilarious in every way.

The guy who played Jason in the first Halloween movie was one of the esteemed "movie stars". He's made a lifetime career from exploiting that eight seconds of fame, namely through his band, (called First Jason) who performed on the rooftop of the drive-in's concession stand. Between announcements advertising their special deep fried red velvet Twinkies, First Jason cranked out metal tunes, all of which were about Jason, with songs titled: Jason Never Dies, Machete is my Friend, You Better Run. His three piece band included one drummer, one tragic, adolescent backup dancer, and Jason himself on vocals and playing a homemade keytar. This instrument was rigged out of an analog keyboard, duct taped to a Chinese sword and outfitted with a guitar strap. I couldn't even begin dream up something like this.

Meanwhile, rednecks masquerading as monsters roamed the drive-in lot, terrorizing children, stopping briefly for photos, or in our case, to creepily breath down my neck and casually graze against Melody's right boob. The man parked next to us was dressed as a stilt-walking pirate skeleton and had painted a six-pack on his hairy, swollen, beer belly. There was a large gathering of local juggalos in attendance, and they seemed to be very taken with First Jason's performance. We were starstruck by the celebrity appearances of Marcy from Married with Children and Prince Humperdink from The Princess Bride. What? Also worth noting: Kurt peed behind the car when no one was watching. Promptly after, a trio of young dullards wandered over and decided to sit in that very spot. They yammered on, completely oblivious. Shhh.

The weather that night was eerie and beautiful. Explosions of heat lightning backlit the movie screen and the hum and crackle through the old timey window speakers made for a cozy and pleasant experience.

A trip to the drive-in is a summer essential. You can find one in your neck of the woods with this handy drive-in theatre directory.


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