Weekend Adventure: Lebowski Fest

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From top, left: Kurt w/ bullhorn, me, the dudemobile, hood ornament, the "nihlist".

Last weekend, Kurt and I had the pleasure of working at Lebowski Fest. The ninth annual, two-day festival celebrated the 1998 Coen Bothers' film, The Big Lebowski. Fans of the movie, or "achievers" as they call themselves, traveled from far away lands to party, bowl, drink White Russians, and dress up as Dudes, Nihilists, Maudes, Jesuses,Walters, Sam Elliots, the "whites" .etc.

Amidst the many clever Lebowski-themed carnival games, our responsibility was to man the Ringer Toss, a game based on a scene in the movie. Basically, Kurt spent much of the day exercising one of his natural born talents, heckling the crowd with a bull horn. We encouraged passers-by to throw a bag dirty drawers from the window of Dude's shoddy Plymouth, the goal being to hit the mannequin (Nihilist). Winners left scented with victory - an official Lebowski Fest car air freshener. All proceeds went to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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These photos were featured on the Courier-Journal's website (credit:
Tyler Bissmeyer for C-J). And yes, Kurt is wearing "the whites".

Kurt was interviewed by the Courier Journal. See the wackiness first hand in this video. My Kurt is the stripey man with the bullhorn. I am only marginally famous. You may spot me scurrying around in the background, wearing the white shades. Here are two other photos from the Courier Journal.

If you have not seen The Big Lebowski, you may be scratching your head. I know I was. Having not seen the movie, I was confused, awe-struck, curious and a bit creeped out. We promptly remedied my ignorance with a post-fest showing of the movie, viewed from a blanket nest on the living room floor with Ramsi's take-out.

P.S.: There are upcoming Lebowski Fests in Chicago, Seattle and New York.

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