Weekend Adventure: Falling Rock Quarry


We scoped out the new swimmin' hole everyone has been clamoring over. Falling Rock Park in LaGrange is the talk of the town these days, and rightfully so, as the summer sun is blistering, sweltering, hot, hot, hot! Seven dollars gets you a dip in the quarry's crystal blue, perfectly accommodating waters. You must be 18 or older, and come bearing a flotation device of some kind; The noodle seems to be the people's choice. I can't swim, and the jury is still out on whether I can float. Kurt bought me floaties, bless his heart, but they don't fit my arms because I am not a toddler. I'd prefer to float along in one of those inflatable chairs with a cup holder, while wearing a life preserver, perhaps strapped with a couple of emergency flairs for good measure. I'm scared. While scuba husband and company explored the quarry's mysterious depths, I floated cautiously in the shallows, entertaining myself by fashioning a noodle into a scarf, a belt, a periscope. It's lonely being fearsome! Next time, I'll be prepared. I'll buy all of the noodles. Make a suit out of them, or basket-weave them into a clever quarry-faring vessel.

As you can see, much of this adventure was captured through the eyes of a fearless scuba man. He dove (flailed?) off of a rocky cliff, wrangled (pet) a catfish as large as our hound dog and dove for sunken treasure (a police car*, apparently). I lived vicariously through his adventures, and now so can you.

Land lover and all, floating in the cool shallow waters, a rock's throw from my folding chair, while counting neat carnivorous birds flying overhead was a dream in itself. I can't complain.

*The cop car featured in this whirly was involved in a high speed chase, featured on COPS: High Speed Pursuit. The officer was fatally shot, the pressure of his slumping corpse on the gas pedal caused the vehicle to accelerate out of control, ending in a nose-dive into the rock quarry, Dukes of Hazard-style. The body was later devoured by a single, gigantic catfish. **

**None of that is true.


  1. That looks like so much fun. I love a good watering hole in the Summer! And as always, I love your pictures.

  2. That looks positively beautiful!

  3. this is fantastic. i sooooo want to go here. we used to sneak into the rock quarry in gainesville, fl. but you risked getting arrested doing it. i remember the water being so pretty though . . almost a milky, coppery blue.

    police car! so neat.

    my verification word is "pritylop". nice.

    1. Where is the rock quarry in Gainesville? We've been looking for it for several weeks now.

  4. Aura - Our trip reminded me of all of your lake posts. Especially when you jumped off that rock recently. Brave!

    Thanks, Shannan. :)

    Raena - I think you would really like it! I know Louisville is sort of far from you these days, but if you're ever in the neighborhood ...
    We have other quarries around that are illegal too, but kids still sneak in. This place is new to me. It's so awesome they've opened it to the public. I think before it was only scuba diving training place (it still is!).

  5. you can't swim? i can, but not really well. i am, however, an excellent floater. if floating was an Olympic event, i'd bring home the gold.



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