Show and tell.

Two things that have brightened my week:

sunflowers from our <span class=
We received these cheery sunflowers in our CSA! What an awesome surprise.

I made these pistachio macarons with vanilla butter cream, inspired by this recipe. Only a dozen survived the baking process. Then came the vultures. Harold has a remarkable talent for scavenging cookies off of he kitchen table. When he hears the oven timer sound off, he comes galloping into the dining room, paws on the table, ears pricked, eyes level with the cooling rack. Kurt has a remarkable talent for sneaking cookies out of the fridge. One time, I heard the fridge door open. With the resolve of a madman, he accepted that he'd been caught and looked me in the eye, grinning; the macarons were held hostage. Then, holding the cookies in the air, he dropped them in his mouth while dancing from foot to foot, laughing like a comic book villain. Despite these hazards, I ate four, and they were delicious and worth all the fuss.


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  2. those sunflowers are beautiful!


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