Reading and eating.


Today's lunch: leftover ricotta and egg frittata with sun dried tomatoes and arugula, garden salad, spotty banana and pistachio macaron with vanilla buttercream. And that's my lunch companion, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wrablewski. So far, it's a beautifully written boy and his dog type story, one that will likely make me cry. I am such a sucker for all these boys and their dogs. Goochers every time.

I updated the Good Reads widget on my sidebar, ya' see. It shows everything I've read this year, so far. I like to see the books lined up like that - it makes me feel accomplished, like I've just climbed a mountain of words!

So, hello, if you're out there. What are you packing in your lunch box these days? What are you reading? I want to know, please and thanks.


  1. that frittata is beautiful! i usually end up microwaving a lean cuisine at work for lunch. hey, you win some you lose some :)

    but i have been reading up a storm this summer. i am loving "the geography of bliss" and before that i pretty much devoured "ahab's wife" by sena jeter naslund.

    happy reading!

  2. Neat thanks for sharing! I will look into those books. :)

    Not gonna lie, my lunch isn't always so fancy. Most of the time, my husband packs it, and it's probably as random and odd as it is endearing. (I still love his lunches, all the same.) But today, I thought lunch looked particularly picture-worthy.

  3. ricotta frittata. fun!

    eating: yogurt, granola bar, fruit. OR a big glob of peanut butter washed down with cherry coke. all or nothin', baby.

    reading: finishing up my fluff-a-rific vacation read, i think the title is dedication, can't remember the author. (it's the literary version of of pb & cherry coke...)


  4. I've been reading up a storm lately, and actual adult books for once, since it's summer break. I saw you added "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" to your to-read list - read it! Really fun! It's the first in a series. I think the second one should be out soon.

    I just finished "Shutter Island" by Dennis Lehane yesterday. Pretty good, quick read that draws you in.

    Oh! I second "Ahab's Wife". I loved that book.

  5. Earlier this summer I read The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver and absolutely loved it! Sean's mom let me borrow Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert's follow up to Eat Pray Love... I was surprised by EPL and really enjoyed it, but Committed isn't nearly as engaging. Still looking forward to Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals.

    My new favorite snack is to pick a pepper from my deck, dice it, drop it in to a fried egg and top it with chili power, cumin, and sea salt.. Mmmm...


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