Our Wedding in Pictures, Pt. 1: Wedding Eve Backyard Barbecue

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Hi-oh! We recently received our wedding photos from James at Echoes Photography. Fantastic! Yay to the yay.

This is the first installment.

We had a wedding eve backyard barbecue, in which we ate grilled meat, drank 3+ coolers of beer and burned a hole in Kurt's Mom's backyard with an illegal bonfire. I was insistent that we ate s'mores. Harold managed to sneak off with and eat his weight in hamburgers. The body builder statue was a gift from our friends, Beth and Andrew. I like to pretend it is an Oscar Award. At the end of the night, Kurt was found asleep beside the fire, face down in the grass. How fun!

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  1. ahhh HOW GORGEOUS are you?!!?!? especially in the second photo! this sounds like a fun way to prepare for your big day :)


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