Just a dog fishing.

crystal blue

Hi, hello. A while back, Kurt took this photo on our trip to Manuel Antonio Beach. I love the frothy surf, icey blues, the contrast ... it is magical. This dog appeared to be fishing. He'd investigate the waves, his eyes darting across the waters beneath him, focused and deliberate - I'd imagine this is how I look when playing Whack-a-Mole.

Hold onto your butts, I have a new craft project to share! Tomorrow, if I'm diligent.


  1. it is a lovely picture. it looks like it'd be so cold mmmmm.

    craft project! i'm jealous. i haven't done anything crafty in so long. i can't wait to get back to DC to my home and be around my crafty supplies and get working on some stuff. eeeeee.

  2. what a really beautiful image.


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