Date night! A stormy picnic.

We're always trying to think of new and exciting date ideas, ones that don't involve spending all of our money or going out to bars or clubs. Don't get me wrong, I love spending all of our money, and I will gladly drink anything that's served in a fishbowl. But we are an adventurous pair and eventually, that particular brand of fun becomes rigged with booby traps. Before we know it, we're being sucked into swirling vortex of boredom and routine. Date night becomes stale. We'll swell up with beers and fancy restaurant dinners before retiring to the couch - Fridays' final frontier, where brains are melted or filled with static, where we drool, staring vacantly at the television, mindless and uninspired until we're too old or uncool and we eventually die there and no one is around to feed Harold so he eats our faces like sometimes dogs do when their masters die. Okay, OK, I'm kind of exaggerating, but this is our greatest fear! To prevent this dystopian couch-life, we'll go on fighting the good fight, seeking out sustainable fun that is healthy for our minds, bodies and bank account.

Maybe you're like us, and you're afraid of being bored/boring/having your face eaten by a pet after you die. If so, I'd like to help by sharing some of our date ideas. If you have any good ones, maybe we can swap. I'd like that.

rainbow date
Watching the storm from Baringer Hill in Cherokee Park.

Date No. 1: Pack a picnic for a thunderstorm.
This may sound a little odd, purposely packing a picnic in inclement weather, but hear me out. There is nothing more exciting and wondrous than being outside (under shelter, of course) and watching a summer storm roll through a scenic valley or over a hilltop. After a sweltering summer day, the sudden shift of cool air and gusty winds are a gift. Find a shelter house in a nearby park and hunker down. Swirling clouds, lightning and thunder make for good entertainment, and you can get pretty cozy watching the show from a bench with a book and a blanket. Just take precautions and avoid dangerous situations - I'm talking about gentle showers, not natural disaster-type storms that rip off rooftops and make farm animals fly through the air. Be prepared to high-tail it to safety in case you hear sirens.

If you make it to the end, you may see a rainbow! My favorite part.


rainbow date 2

rainbow <span class=
He'd totally eat my face if given the opportunity.

A lifetime of dates to come. Stay tuned.


  1. You guys are my favouritest/ the cutest ever.

    Great photos! We've been having thunderstorms here almost nightly! The lightning last night was incredible!

  2. Oh I wish I lived in a place that had thunderstorms. The PNW is one of the world's most beautiful places, but it is sadly bereft of thunderstorms. I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard thunder here, and one of those times was during a freak blizzard in December! Sounds like a great date! We like to ride our old tandem and go to familiar places on an unfamiliar route. It's fun!

  3. original and unpretentious. i like your writings very much. thanks for sharing them.

  4. I think it sounds wonderful. Thanks for the idea!

  5. hi whirlybird I was wondering if you lived in a little as well as I do and I saw your with it and I thought that she was such a pretty face here and I was wondering where you got her because I have been looking for one as well and have had no luck over the past year or so so if you got hurt in local area from a person of good interest I would love to hear from you please let me know and contact me shortly good day good day


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