(Better late than never!) Tiny Tuesday: Cute as a bug.

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From top to bottom: WTFnoreally, Cute Overload, Tom Whelan.
Have you ever heard someone say something was "as cute as a bug." What the heck does that mean? I don't know about you, but most insects fall far below my cute-dar. Is the saying meant to be ironic, akin to my Dad's favorite insult, "sharp as a marble"? Determined to seek out some answers, I may have stumbled upon the cutest Tiny Tuesday yet. I am thrilled to report that the saying holds true if inspired by these handsome tinies above. And how! Just look how adorable. I know I scoffed at Kurt for the nerdiness of his request for a handheld microscope, but now I'm warming up to the notion. I would troll the grass for cute bugs all day long.

Regrettably, I have no clue what the first two critters are called. Any entomologists in the house? The Mr. on the bottom is a milkweed beetle.

In related news, I urge you to check out Sir David Attenborough's BBC show, Life in the Undergrowth. The documentary is filled with breathtaking video footage of the miniature world beneath our feet. It is unreal. Here is a clip:


  1. I loooooove bugs -- much more than any normal nerd. When I was little, I used to catch bugs and admire them (this is around the time I tasted ants [sour]). Later on I collected and classified them, studied them, etc. Then I worked with them. Now I teach about them. Many are ADORABLE, but most are just magnificent. Did Kurt get his microscope? My classroom at the school I teach has these little plastic devices that are supposedly some ancient (70s? 80s?) handheld microscopes for what used to be an elementary science classroom. I never used one, but they looked legit, and my students failed to destroy all of them. If you guys are interested, I could send you one. :)

  2. Wow, neat. No we haven't gotten one yet, but we'd love one of those! FUN!

  3. I won't be able to get in there until late august, but I'll get you one. Remind me if I forget, I'm planning on taking one as well.


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