Drinking pipa at Manuel Antonio Beach.
I know it's been a while since we've returned from vacation, but I am still sorting through our mountain of Costa Rica pictures, and we're still waiting to get our Holga film back. Photos, galore! Later on today, I plan on sharing a gigantic, scrolling photo post. Sooo, you know, get ready. Or something.

Now that it's getting warm - err, hot - the concept of weeknights is beginning to slowly fade away. I love that about summer. We've stayed up late watching movies (like The 'Burbs!) and have made nighttime excursions to the ice cream shop. We've had our house filled with friends almost every night this week. This weekend, there will be a concert, casino, lunch date, picnic, barbecue and outdoor movie screening. Solid times.

And tonight? We're going to see Weezer! We're both very excited. We sing Weezer duets in the car. We even sing the guitar parts. Well, obviously. It's Weezer, so who doesn't sing the guitar parts? Kurt often tells me this story (which hasn't happened yet) about how the band desperately approaches him and asks if he has the chops to replace Rivers for one night. His face would glaze over, stoned-faced and squinting. Then after a tear, or perhaps a fist pump (at least a hand shake), he'd affirm,"Yes, Weezer, I can do it." Although not his favorite band, we both agree that Weezer would be the most fun band to be in with the most fun songs to play.

Do you have any fun, warm weather plans this weekend?


  1. I wanna go to Weezer... hope you have fun!

  2. Yes!! A Birthday Party tomorrow for the six-year-old (on the lawn, on the lawn---said in the desperate whisper of Harry Potter, "Not Slitherin, Not Slitherin.")

    If we have thunderstorms and have to move the party indoors---Oh. My. Three or four GrandChildren here for a week, and all the Angels of Glory couldn't help this house.

    A big Air Show on Sunday for the Kiddos, and a weenie roast that night, with their Aunt Caro teaching them all about REAL S'Mores.

  3. That damn Chris Evans kid stole Kurt's glory moment. How gracious for him to allow it. ;)

  4. Kurt's dream might come true. I saw Weezer a couple of years ago in Seattle and they asked the fans if someone wanted to come on stage and play My Name is Jonas. This guy got up and totally rocked it. The band was surprised how good he was! Have fun!

  5. Racheld - It sounds like you had a wonderful weekendend. I sort of wish I were one of those kids! Fun!

    Cindy - I was thinking the same thing. Ha!

    Willi - That is awesome! They did the same thing at the show the other night. That band sure is fun.


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