Tiny Tuesday! Tiny Music by Lullatone

I am fairly certain that if there were a soundtrack to accompany this menagerie of tiny creatures I've collected, it would be crafted by the band, Lullatone. They are Shawn Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida, a husband and wife music group from Nagoya, Japan. Together, they make up child-like music box melodies with a tiny orchestra of toy instruments. Tomida sings in little whispers. It reminds me of the day dreamy songs children make up when they don't know anyone is listening. If that doesn't say enough, they have an album called "Little Songs about Raindrops."

The music sounds tiny because it is composed with an impressive collection of toy instruments and sine tones. They use a tiny toy metalophone, accordion, toy piano, toy xylophone, cymbals, and a toy cassette tape recorder. In an interview with Audio Dregs, Seymour explained, "I recorded all of 'Computer Recital' in a tiny apartment in Osaka sitting on the floor with my girlfriend's tiny computer sitting on a tiny table. So I think those circumstances helped me make this tiny music."

Lullatone is the best music for sitting on a tree branch, taking a nap on crisp white sheets, tracing your name in spilled sugar on the counter top, watching an inch worm travel across a picnic table, holding hands or eating an ice cream cone.

Kurt went to high school with Shawn, so he's sort of an OG of Lullatone tunes. Since we've been together, Kurt has been putting these cute lullabies on playlists designed for quiet cabin trips, snowy weather and drifting off to sleep. When we first started dating, he made me a mix tape and the song Bedtime Bossa Band was on it. That is my favorite one, I think. I found the music video, so you can hear it too:

You also should explore their charming website. There, you will get lost in their flickr stream (Gosh, their baby is adorable! SQUISH!), discover more songs and movies, and play with a very addictive raindrop melody maker (and iPhone app).

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