Tiny Tuesday! The littlest piggy.

They're making tiny pigs now. Micro pigs. This changes everything.

Recently, Kurt said that if I didn't get him a raptor claw fossil for his 30th birthday, I didn't love him. Something along those lines. He'd settle for a megalodon tooth. First off, where does one find a freaking raptor claw? (Don't answer that. It took him less than 5 minutes to find someone peddling them online. He amended his demand by agreeing to accept a museum-quality replica.) Anyway, I think I'll adopt his logic and apply it to micro pigs. Prove your love, dear.


  1. i've been obsessed with minipigs ever since i learned of their existence. i even went so far as to research how to acquire one, and what i found was the lady who breeds them in the UK will only sell them in pairs and they are like $1200 each or something. nevertheless, still want!!!! they are adorable and make great pets. i support your decision to hold this pet over kurt as a test of his love. please let me know how it works out.

  2. I've already began to rationalize the purchase. Two is better than one, anyway! Haha. Thanks for sharing your research. :)

  3. oh i think the $1200 might have been in pounds or euros . . so . . that's a whole lotta cheddah. but yes, worth it :)

  4. please, keep in mind that they grow up to be fairly large, it just takes them a few years. http://petcare.suite101.com/article.cfm/tiny_teacup_pigs

  5. That pig is darling! "Kingsford" as a name, though…I just knew it would be "bacon bit" or something picking fun.

    Raptor claw fossil for a micro-piglet? I'd say that's an even trade.

  6. Ivanna - Hmm, good to know. These articles seem to shield that fact. One stated that the largest their breeds get is the size of a cocker spaniel. I'd take a large sized pig too. I met a mini pot bellied one at a farm recently and he was so curious and sweet. He followed us around the whole time!

    Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for backing my trade idea. Now, et's see if Kurt is like-minded. Haha

  7. Oh my goodness. So adorable, and fast!! Sheesh, when he was running? Amazing!



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