Tiny Tuesday - Costa Rica Edition!

Hola, Tiny Maniacs! We're back from our wonderful Costa Rican honeymoon and my mind is still buzzing with good memories of all the friendly little creatures I was lucky enough to meet. Here are my top 3 favorite Costa Rican tinies:

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From top, the kinkajou, hummingbird and blue jean poison dart frog.

1. Do you know about the Kinkajou? They're also called Honey Bears. Part of the raccoon family, they are nocturnal, arboreal little mammals who eat eggs, insects, fruits and nectar. They have these crazy long projectile tongues, which they use to obtain fruits and extract nectar from flowers. Weighing just around 4 lbs, one could fit nicely into a knapsack or large pocket. Some people like to keep them as pets. Apparently they make great companions, because they are playful, docile and quiet. One of the hotels we stayed at boasted their neighboring kinkajou population, claiming that they often were spotted in the fruit orchards growing in the hotel's courtyard. I spent most of my evenings outside, peering into the tree tops, hoping to see one. No luck. I did dream about the kinkajou both nights I was staying there, so that's something I guess.

2. Hummingbirds were everywhere, but they weren't the elusive and skittish ones I'm used to seeing around our neck of the woods. These guys chirped and fluttered around the crown of every flower, and they weren't the least bit threatened by our presence. I saw all different sorts too. There were emerald, ruby and sapphire colored guys. Some floated about with their wings whirring, while another hummingbird species with more machismo bullied the others away with their fluttering fan-tails.

3. Tiny blue jeans poison dart frogs. See, cause they look like they're wearing little pairs of blue jeans. I swear I didn't make up that name. That's what they are called. They eat a highly specialized diet of ants, and that combined with some kind of frog juju makes them poisonous. In fact, if you were to feed one something different, they'd be completely harmless. Even with ants, I wonder how poisonous they really are? I'm just sayin' .... Kurt ran around the rainforest for two days giddily catching these frogs, and he's still alive to tell the tale. After a little research, I've gathered that they might give you a rash, or kill you if you eat one.


  1. hahaha cuuuuuute! it sounds like your honeymoon was so much fun!!! can't wait to hear more about it :)

  2. Little tiny pants!

  3. The frog reminds me of Danny Devito in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where he is wearing skinny jeans. "Got that humpty dumpty look going on!"


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