Our Honeymoon (Panoramas!)


Here's a glimpse of our honeymoon photos, portrayed through a series of panoramas. Pretty neat, don't you think?

Costa Rica was spectacular. Here's what happened there:
Part 1: We navigated Santa Clara's humid valley of jungles and tropical orchards where we spotted howler monkeys, a sloth and poison dart frogs. We hiked around an active volcano. At sunset, we watched explosions of red lava erupt from the the mountain's peak. At night, we relaxed in steamy hot springs while the sky spit cool rain on our shoulders. For two nights, our home was a secluded tree house in the rainforest. After dark, we lit candles on our tree house's deck and the forest's noise filled our ears with the curious chirps and calls of exotic jungle creatures.

Part 2: Journey to Monteverde, a beautiful green mountain range beyond the Arenal Volcano. To get there, we rode a boat across lake Arenal, followed by a bumpy (perilous!) bus ride up into the clouds. Monteverde was the most beautiful place we've ever seen. Clouds walked on the ground, blanketing hillsides dotted with droopy-eared cows and tiny roadside towns. We stayed on a dairy farm owned by a famed biologist who liked to chat about interesting, introspective topics having to do with the natural world. Our casita came with a horse in the yard and two mischievous but adorable black chijuajuas (a momma and her baby, whom we named Salchicha and Pipa). We won their hearts with chicharones, so they clung to our heels for the duration of our stay. For breakfast each morning, we had fresh milk, eggs and cheese from the farm, fresh plantains and mangos and black beans with rice. In the cloud forest, we attempted to defy death by sailing over the treetops harnessed to a zip line. We leaped 10 meters off a tree platform, to swing like Tarzans from a bungee chord.

Part 3: We left the mountains to find the beach. For our last leg of our trip, we opted for a fancy beach resort, which was beautiful yet completely deserted (May begins Costa Rica's rainy season). It was like the tropical version of The Shining. We weren't all alone though - the resort was home to eight or ten very personable cats, who roamed the courtyard orchards, lounged poolside or purred on our laps in the open-air restaurant. We rented a funny little car and drove up the Pacific coast, where we discovered crocodiles, Costa Rican radio, and beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach. There, we walked along the shoreline, collected rocks and seashells and drank from green coconuts sold to us by homeless men wielding machetes.

Part 4: Last day in Costa Rica. We spent the night in Alajuela to be close to the airport. Our hostel was neat and modern, populated with bronzed blond surfer dudes from Sweden or somewhere. The city was lively and overwhelming and we got lost in the streets (none of them were numbered or had names). A 40 minute taxi took us to the lip of the Poas Volcano. We peered down into the Volcano's two crater lakes. The largest lake was vibrant green and spewed boiling sulphuric gasses.

Over the next few days, I'll post more of our Costa Rica photos and a few delicious recipes inspired by our travels there. We might be getting our wedding photos this week too! Yow. Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. those are BEAUTIFUL!!! may i ask how you took them? if you use a special lens or if you just photoshopped? i'm so impressed and your honeymoon looks amazing. i can't wait for your future honeymoon/wedding posts :)

  2. For all the panoramas we used our new Fuji Fine Pix. It's a little thing, and just $100 at Target. It has a setting that auto-stitches the photos together. We had so much fun with it, we wanted all our pictures to be panoramas! Haha.

    But for most of the other photos on this blog, we use a Canon 10D. :)

  3. Oh, yay!! Your photos are beautiful, and make me want to hop on a plane immediately! Manuel Antonio was the most gorgeous beach I've ever visited. Oh my gosh. So glad you had a great trip! Isn't it an awesome place?

  4. Awesome pics, Costa Rica is officially on my list of places to go and be happy.

  5. Dayna, I'm so glad we went to Manuel Antonio. We booked our stay at a whammy of a beach- Jaco. We assumed all the beached were nice but this one was dark and sad, like the Louisville bank of the Ohio. We were all let down, but we rented a car and drove for about 45 minutes and discovered Manuel Antonio. So glad we did! It really turned the whole day around.

    Thanks Ian! It is a great place to go and be happy. The people there seem really stoked about life. They all say "Pura Vida" as a salutation, like, "Hey, man. Pure life." At first we were convinced that this was just feel-good buzz slang they only said to tourists. The equivalent to "hang ten" or something. But now I'm not so sure. I think they meant that shit.


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