Tiny Tuesday: Pint-sized pinto.

Tiny Tuesday is out of control. It's unreal. I'm receiving several submissions a week from like-minded tiny maniacs, all linking to potential Tiny Tuesdays. Seriously, people are just filling up my inbox with outrageously small, cute shit. A dream come true!

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Photos from AP Press via Daily Mail

Both Kimberly and Cindy alerted me of this awesomely dwarfed newborn pinto stallion, Einstein. I think it's important to note this thing's head-to-body size ratio. His noggin is relatively enormous, yet this horse weighs only 6 lbs. On my totem pole of obsessions, big heads on little bodies rank just under tiny things. I know Einstein will grow into his head size eventually, but until then, I'd like to honor it as a special guest on the Tiny Tuesday show. BIG HEADS + LITTLE BODIES FOREVER!

Keep sharing your tiny finds with me, please. I love them. (johaannainman@gmail.com)

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