Tiny Tuesday: Osmia Avoseta Bee

This nest of a rare bee is made of flower  petals and holds a single egg.
The rare Osmia Avoseta Bee builds her tiny nest out of flower petals layered with nectar.
Photo by Jerome Rosen/ American Museum of Natural History via NPR.

Scientists have recently discovered a rare bumble bee that builds her tiny nests out of foraged flower petals. Each nest is carefully crafted and very beautiful, layered with differing textures and colors of petals to form a half-inch long husk for housing a solitary egg. Like us, these mothers-to-be put such love and care into their baby bee's nurseries.

I'd love to watch these bees build their nests. From NPR:
"To begin construction, she bites the petals off of flowers and flies each petal — one by one — back to the nest, a peanut-sized burrow in the ground. She then shapes the multi-colored petals into a cocoon-like structure, laying one petal on top of the other and occasionally using some nectar as glue. When the outer petal casing is complete, she reinforces the inside with a paper-thin layer of mud, and then another layer of petals, so both the outside and inside are wallpapered — a potpourri of purple, pink and yellow."
Wouldn't it be lovely to incubate in a rosy little chamber, soaked in glittery pollen and sweet-smelling nectar? Luckies.

Read the whole article, here.
Thanks, Sarah, for the link!


  1. How charming a nest, and how lovely to learn of such a dedicated little home-maker!

    You just find the most interesting things, and I always enjoy seeing what you've discovered.

    Best wishes to you both---the wedding looked lovely!


  2. That is a one crafty bee. Beautiful nest, and congratulations on building your nest together :)

  3. Thanks, you guys! So sweet. :)


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