Our Homemade Wedding: Introduction


Kurt and I are getting hitched in just 10 days! My mind has been buzzing with to-do lists, logistics, appointments and last-minute projects. No big deal, I say. The excitement totally outweighs any wedding planning anxiety. Everything is coming together, we've stayed within our budget while meeting our goals, and we've still managed to craft the wedding of our dreams. I am so proud.

Over the next few days, I'd like to play a game of show and tell. I'll show you our inspiration, the venue, the menu, our fancy get-ups and the mountain of wedding crafts I've been working on over the last few weeks. I'll tell you about our goals for this shindig, our penny-pinching budget, how we're making it work, and our wonderful friends and family members who've generously offered their time and talents.

Let's start by laying it out, plain and simple: We don't like weddings. It's true. I am not a wedding girl. I don't like the froof, the limelight, the wedding industrial complex and most of the seemingly forced traditions that get tied into that prim, white package. With that said, I believe in love and marriage and baby carriages. We want our wedding to be fun and sweet, poignant and memorable and reflective of our personalities. And we're doing it our way.

Our objectives:
  • Intimate wedding of 50-60 of our dearest friends and family members. No long-lost relatives, friends of the family or estranged old friends. We want a close-knit, comfortable atmosphere, so we can enjoy our day together with the ones we love. Admittedly, we just want to relax and be comfortable, without the pressure to glad-hand, introduce ourselves or play catch-up. Our guests will be our wedding party.

  • $5,000 Wedding budget, including a week-long honeymoon in Costa Rica. Everything to be paid for in cash, from our wedding savings account. This has proved to be a little tricky. We've melted our brains searching for clever money-saving tactics, sought out the help of talented friends, and DIY'ed our way through. It's been fun, and despite our modest vision, I don't think we've had to settle for anything. Working within our own budget has given us the freedom to do what we want (our money, our choices) and inspired us to look for more meaningful, personal and handmade options. Everything from my dress to the decorations has been made by myself or by someone I love. The officiant, DJ, musicians, photographer and wedding coordinators are all our friends. I would not have it any other way.

  • We want it to reflect us. We prefer to spend most of our time outdoors, so we want our wedding to be connected to nature. We want the menu to be amazing, because healthy, fresh food and cooking is a passion that we share. We want it to relaxed and fun, not an elaborately orchestrated production. We're having a short, non-traditional ceremony, officiated by a friend and we've written our own vows.

  • We want a stress-free wedding. This goal is more geared toward me. I'm known to dream up BIG ideas, but have a problem executing them. So far, I've succeeded in keeping my projects doable and realistic while not dwelling on the ones that have fallen through the cracks. We've gratefully accepted help from others. I am a terrible procrastinator, yet I like to have control, so this whole business of prioritizing and letting go is an epic turning point in my personal development. I've promised Kurt that by next Monday (one week before our wedding) I'll have surrendered to relaxation. All crafting will be off limits. I've promised to pass all remaining projects, duties, and general strategy off to my trusted friends and family. ::exhale::

* * * *

Here are a few helpful wedding planning resources that have kept me sane. They've all validated our wedding philosophy in some way or another. I've found such great advice, inspiration and sense-talking.

2000 Dollar Wedding Budget - "Tying the knot in a meaningful and memorable way (without losing our savings or sanity)" I love Sara's thoughtful advice, wedding planning summary and budget breakdown. Amazing!

DIY Reality Check Flow Chart (I really needed this) and DIY Details by Heart of Light (Guest posts on 100 Layer Cake) Very handy DIY wedding tips for staying organized and taking care of business.

Christina's (of Lovely Morning and 100 Layer Cake) post-wedding advice. Duly noted.

100 Layer Cake, Snippet and Ink and Once Wed: Beautiful, unique and/or handcrafted real weddings. Also inspiration boards, advice and tutorials.

Martha Stewart Weddings. Duh.

Next up, I'll introduce you to our lovely venue and the inspiration behind the wedding we hope to accomplish.


  1. congratulations! i am so excited for y'all! good luck getting everything done!

  2. this is amazing! your wedding is going to be wonderful- i love how original it all is already (: can't wait to hear about more (:


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