Homemade Wedding: DIY decoratons


Hello, there. Yesterday I was super stoked for all this matrimony business (and of course, I still am!) but I'm starting to get the jitters too. I feel like I'm forgetting something although I can't pinpoint it, exactly. I had one dream that the rain washed our wedding away, and I had another one where no one came. That is normal, right?

Here's a little peak at one of the wedding crafts I was referring to in my last post:


Pinwheels! Finally I had an excuse to buy a book of that pretty scrapbook paper. I followed this tutorial from Martha Stewart. They were easy enough to make, but awfully time consuming. I think they will look really cute poking out of flower arrangements or lining the pathway into our reception. They're especially cute in the spring time, when there's bound to be a breeze.

They'd also be a thrifty alternative to fresh flowers and can double as party favors. The best part is, they are relatively inexpensive to make. I spent about 45 cents per pinwheel.

I could not have managed this project without the help of my friends. I made the most of my to-make list by hosting a crafting bee. You may liken this to a home-based sweatshop operation, except there were snacks, gossip and vodka infused Arnold Palmers. My girlfriends and I ironed and cut 300 feet of fabric pennant flags, folded 60 paper pinwheels, and spent the rest of the night sitting in my living room floor, screaming/laughing, telling stories and drinking sugar booze. The best kind of fun - more so than any bachelorette party I've been to. So far, it's been my favorite part of the wedding planning process and I recommend it if you're going the DIY route. Thank you, craft biddies.


It figures that I'm the girl that goes out for a run around the block and returns covered with thorn pricks and a fistful of wild flowers. I spotted these pretties down the wooded trail tucked behind my neighborhood. It was the perfect opportunity to practice my flower arranging skills, which until recently just entailed shoving a tangle of stems into a water glass.

For our wedding, I've ordered a modest array of cut flowers from Whole Foods, and I plan to make my bouquet and eight small table arrangements myself the day before. I did a test bouquet just using the flowers I found, using this helpful guide on 100 Layer Cake. Here are the basic principles: Trim stems under water at an angle, remove unwanted greenery and build the bouquet by continually criss-crossing stems like a teepee.

They really are just some wildflowers in a mason jar, but I love how they turned out. I've received so many compliments on them since they've graced our kitchen table.

Not too bad for a bunch of weeds, right?



  1. Buy yourself a leaf stripper... it'll save your fingers/hands!!

  2. The flowers are so lovely!

  3. Thanks! We ended up buying flowers from whole foods and stuffing them in jars like in my test run. They turned out casual but very pretty.


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