We did it! We're married people.

My friend James at Echoes Photography gave us the fantastic gift of wedding photography. I've only seen a few, but I couldn't even dream up better photographs. They're beautiful. Here is a little preview.

We spent a wonderful weekend with friends and family, and our wedding was absolutely perfect. We are lucky to have so many incredible people in our lives to help us pull off the most awesome weekend of my life. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us.

I'll post more photos when I get my hands on them, but in the meantime, I'll follow up with a few more wedding related posts before we head out on our Honeymoon to Costa Rica next Saturday.

More Thank Yous:
Thanks especially to Heather, who offered to make my beautiful dress. And thanks to Heather and my little sister, Emily, for spending countless hours making decorations, accompanying me on shopping trips, helping me make plans, listening to my wedding banter, and on the day of the wedding, pretty much making everything come together in the most beautiful and perfect way. Thanks to Kurt's Mom, Dot, who helped out in every way imaginable, from letting us use her yard for a wedding eve BBQ to booking us a lovely night at the coolest hotel in town. She didn't even flinch when we burned a hole in her backyard (oops). We could not have done it without her. Thanks to my best friend Beth and her Dad, Jack, who played their fiddles for our ceremony, and transposed one of Kurt's favorite songs into a fiddle tune which made us both cry. Beth picked out the ceremony songs, which were awesome and cheerful, and played them expertly, even though she'd been out of practice and didn't even have access to a violin until a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Nick, who agreed to officiate our ceremony. It was exactly what we had in mind, and I love that I heard your voice crack a little. Thanks James, for offering to come here and shoot our wedding. I'm blown away by your kindness and talent. I just can't believe it. Thanks Jared, who without hesitation agreed on short notice to move the 100,000 lb picnic tables for our reception (twice). You are incredibly strong. Thanks Melody for kicking out the jams, Stacey for always being willing to help with my projects, Allison and Justin for generously printing our save-the-dates and invites, Patti for flower guidance, and of course, my crack team of craft biddies (Heather, Emily, Cindy, Stacey, Chandra, Kalen, Dot) who slaved over pinwheels and pennant flags. Thank you for traveling to be with us: Justin, all the way from Alaska, Ray and Phyllis from Florida, Hillie and Athena from San Francisco, Mike from Brooklyn, James and Stephen from Tuscaloosa and Beth, Andrew, and Tara & Co. from Chicago. Thank you Mayan Cafe, Cake Flour and Blackacre. Everything was rad as hell.



  1. Oh, yay! How beautiful!! So happy for you. You looked gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more photos when they're all ready.

    (I like that "goats" is one of the destinations on your signs!)

  2. you are stunning! congratulations!!!

  3. you look gorgeous! looking forward to more photos and have a fabulous honeymoon!

  4. Good gravy- you both are SO CUTE!


    ...and it must be a tall girl thing, but I've got a short dress for our upcomings, too!

    Best wishes and happy years ahead!!!


  5. Everything looked wonderful :) I'm glad you had a great day to look back on.

  6. Thank you for your comments, everyone!

  7. Truly wish I could have been there to celebrate. I hope I see you both in a nearby future!


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