The weekend.

Harold likes to be carried like a briefcase.


Top, from right: Hiking buddies Jon & Stacey, buzzard trail, vine swinger.

Over the weekend:
+ The taco truck rules me. Kurt had a beef tongue burrito. Mine was asada con avocado. Heavy.
+ Every episode of X-Files is available on Netflix View-it-Now, FYI. Watch this one, followed by this one. You won't be sorry.
+ 3 hour backyard reading/sunbathing session. I rubbed sunscreen on Harold's nose.
+ Saturday night was spent riding our bikes from party to party. Thunder mania made for a treacherous journey home as we circumnavigated rowdy pedestrians, drunks and traffic cops. I wore a yellow hoodie and a hoodlum called me a banana. Burn.
+ Lovely hike through Charlestown State Park with Jon and Stacey. Our picnic fare consisted of a large and in charge submarine sandwich, homemade Lara bars and strawberries. During this excursion, I somehow collected 5 large ticks. When I was sure I'd searched my person for all offending parasites, another one would come tap dancing out of my armpit or from behind my ear. ::shudder::


  1. The picture of your dog carried like that is so funny.... He likes it you say?

  2. Well, he either likes it, is completely ambivalent or has gone into full-on submissive mode. Ordinarily he is a little maniac, but when you pick him up like that, his limbs relax and he just chills out.

  3. i NEED a dog that can be carried like a briefcase!
    how awesome!


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