Weekend happenings.

weekend 4/10
Looking up.

weekend 4/10
Top: Italian Sausage with red cabbage, tomatoes and basil with garlic aoli.
Bottom: Learning to like beer.

weekend 4/10
Harold and my brother, Frank, spent quality time together.

weekend 4/10
Top: My pretty niece, Savannah. Bottom: Happy mom.
(From my Mom's birthday picnic, yesterday.)

Weekend happenings:
+ Kathleen Lolley's mystical woodland universe.
+ 2 mile trail run at Bernheim. Trail running is completely unlike (as in terribly difficult) my usual runs, but the scenery kept my mind busy and leaping and bounding over rocks, roots and forest creatures made it feel less like exercise and more like fun.
+ 2nd failed attempt at morel hunting. Too soon, still. Delicious fungi, your days are numbered.
+ Flaming Jared (root beer + spiced rum) is my favorite kind of booze.
+ Two fantastic cookouts. The first one involved Kurt eating 8 sausages, ladder golf, puppy wrestling matches, and friends snort-laughing at pine cones that look like penises, etc. The second one was a birthday picnic for my Mom. I ate strawberry eclairs in the sun, laughed with my siblings and doted over my sweet baby niece.
- Harold's first time experiencing the head-out-window dog bliss abruptly came to a halt yesterday. Kurt accidentally rolled his tiny head up in the window! Terrifying! He recovered almost immediately, but the forlorn expression on his face took much longer to melt away. Poor little wizard.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. You're a Nikon girl, yes? I have been coveting Nikon's lately :)

  2. Thank you! Nope, I use an old Canon 10D. I love it. Kurt took the first three photos plus the one of me! He's the secret eye behind a lot of the photos on here. :)

  3. The photos are so crisp. I love the nature ones!!


  4. Thank you! We just got a new lens this year and our photos seem to be 10x crisper. Crispier? :)

  5. mmmm strawberry eclairs! your photos are always so lovely- you and kurt make a good team!

  6. ha ha, that photo with the dog and your brother is hilarious!

    just found your blog and really enjoying it! :)


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