A totally random Tiny Tuesday.

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This is what often pops into my mind when I think of Harold. His head is so small - the size of a perfect scoop of ice cream. I just had to get this off my chest.

Confession: I like to hold an imaginary sugar cone under Harold's chin and say out loud but to no one, "One scoop please!" Harold just blinks and licks his nose. I've started replaying this scenario with Kurt's head as well. Somehow, make-believing that my loved one's heads are stacked on top of an ice cream cone is my own special way of expressing affection.

Here are some of the nick names we've given our dogs:

Harold: cup-a-soup/ Mule: bread bowl
Harold: snack-pack/ Mule: lunchable
Harold: single scoop/ Mule: sundae

See the connection? Cute and/or tiny equals food. I am weird.


  1. Ha! That is funny/cute! Harold looks a little concerned about being inside an ice cream cone.

  2. His expression always seems a tiny bit worried.

  3. ahahaha you're darling. i saw this and cracked up for a good five minutes. :)


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