Tiny Tuesday: A primate that fits in your pocket!

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Ok, whoa. Are these things serious?

They are tarsiers, the smallest primates on Earth. Like the leaf deer, they are only found in Southeast Asia. This far-off land of tiny creatures will now be referred to as the Mystical Kingdom of You-Can't-Be-Serious.

After several hours spent obsessing over, errr, researching these tiny mammals, I discovered that not only are they extraordinarily small and Furby-like, but they are also totally rad-ass. Small, yet mighty and also a little creepy.

Here is an abridged synopsis of my findings:
  • Tarsiers stand about 3-6 inches tall and weigh as much as a Hostess Snowball. They can easily fit in the palm of a human hand, pocket or in my case, mouth.
  • They have super elongated E.T. fingers. Their middle fingers are as long as their upper arm, for maximum baditude.
  • They have fingernails except on the second and third digits of their hind legs - there, they have claws used specifically for combing their hair and impaling insects. They make foot fists, so that only their two claws poke out, similar to how you'd hide a switchblade between your knuckles if you were playing dirty in bar fight.
  • They are the only exclusively carnivorous primate, subsisting on insects, snakes, lizards and birds. When they eat, they hold their victims with both hands, like they are eating a hamburger.
  • They are equipped with the ultimate binocular night vision. Just one of their enormous eyeballs weighs more than their brain.
  • Their heads can rotate 180 degrees, like an owl's or a demon's.
  • If kept in cages as pets, they are known to commit suicide. Give them freedom or give them death. Something like that.

These are all facts.


  1. Oh. My. God. THE LAST ONE!!! I love his indifferent face. haha


    Did you ever see the movie "Flight of the Navigator" when you were little?

    Those little tarsiers look like puckmarins!


    (about 1:20 into the clip)

  3. In Biological Anthropology these guys always elicited the most squee!s... my teacher loved to play a short video clip of them manically peeing on their hands and rubbing it on everything in sight, adding with glee, "Not so cute now, eh!" So, you know, really especially avoid the mouth urge should you ever encounter one of these guys.

  4. OMG!!!! They are adorable!!! I want one!!


  5. SO cute... Adorable.. I want to see one...


  6. Oh my goodness, those little hands are too much! I wonder what kind of sounds they make?


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